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    Quote Originally Posted by RandyBoy View Post
    Mine was not super reliable, it went kaput in 400 miles.

    Have you bought your Rohloff new or used ?
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    Go for the Rohloff - my experience over the last 10yrs has been extremely positive - maintenance free - just a simple oil change every year.

    One aspect I love about the Rohloff is the ability to shift without pedaling... I do a big race in Michigan every year called the "Iceman Commeth" with 4,000+ other racers... I'm usually the only Rohloff in the race and each year I pass literally 50 to 100 derailluer bikes after they try to shift at the wrong time at the base of steep climbs and throw their chains, or break their chains, or explode their derailluers. I just smile to myself and spin right by them! The course is often muddy and always sandy so derailluers have a tough go in this race. The Rohloff may cost me a little in efficiency but it rewards with always being in the proper gear, and always gets me to the finish without problems! and never having to use a front derailluer is bonus!

    You can see my Rolhoff proudly on display in the attached pic!
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    Raced Iceman last year. Sure wish I had an IGH. I still had sand in my socks 3 months later.

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