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    Anyone else have problems with SRAM/Gebla Rohloff setup?

    Got the Gebla/SRAM setup this winter. While I love being able to shift from the hoods, I quickly learned to hate being able to shift only 1 gear at a time! I also found the huge 45 degree swing of the lever to occasionally be painful. (My wrists hurt enough as it is from delivering mail.) Apparently, that also causes the hood covers to rip apart. (Already completely ripped though 2 of them.) And, yes, I tried tightening the tension knob. It helped a bit, but if its tightened just a quarter-turn too much, it won't shift AT ALL. (Likewise, if the tension is just a bit low, it won't shift either. At least with the twist shift it still shifted, albeit a little sloppily.) Then, on a century last Saturday, a cable snapped! Had the twist shifter nearly 7 years & 40,000 miles, never had that happen! (And at least once, I didn't change cables on that for over 2 years!) Is this just my lousy luck with cycling equipment -- years ago I when through 3 Campy Chorus shifters in 3 YEARS time! -- or is something not set up right?

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    I was about to do this same exact setup, but now I'm not sure.
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    Being able to twist through 5-6 gears in a flash was always a huge benefit, not sure I could adapt to that setup either..

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    I once had the chance to try the sram/rohbox setup on a bikeshow here in germany / europe. I could also shift only 1 gear at a time. Felt very spongy too.

    I also did a quick search through german forums but could not find any experience, reviews whatsoever, just discussions. Also found a post of georg blaschke in which he said that with the sram brifters, you can change only 2 gears up or down at a time.

    Just my little 2 cents

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    Reviving this thread- found it while searching for "Gebla Rohbox spongy shifting".
    I bought a custom Co-Motion Divide Rohloff and soon discovered that the Co-Motion twist shifter interfered with installing an Arkel handlebar bag.
    So I found the Rohbox, ordered it with the Rival levers as a kit.
    Meticulously installed. Sadly disappointed in the shifting of this.
    I describe it as stretching a rubber band (the first 1 and 3/4 inch of shift paddle movement), then you feel the "rubber band " break (the actual shift).
    I have not ridden the bike like this. This is all from trying it stationary in the house.
    I have zero confidence that this will hold up to a long distance bike tour.
    For one thing - it takes an unreasonable amount of cable tension to produce a shift.
    All that tension is held by a tiny set screw in the pawl block.
    Sooner or later I fear that the cable will pull out of the block.
    And that one of the pawl springs/tabs will break from constant flexing.
    I think those springs/tabs are what is giving the "spongy" feedback - they are flexing (by design).
    I'm sure this design looked great on paper.
    The Co-Motion twist shifter is a closed loop, and it takes mere ounces of torque to produce a twist of the shifter, since it takes mere ounces to turn the Rohloff shift axis.
    In other words - nothing is lost to flexing, friction, and you can feel the click of the shift.
    But the Rohbox takes pounds of force to accomplish the same movement of the Rohloff shift axis. And maybe a half inch or more of cable pull !
    I have emailed Cycle Monkey where I bought it and let them know how disappointed I am- over $400. spent.
    If they (Gebla Rohbox) have not offered a design improvement then this system will go on Ebay, and I will return to the Co-Motion twist shifter.
    This post is just for anyone who thinks this is a great idea for getting brifters to work with the Rohloff. Yes it "works". But, again, I hate the feel and have no confidence in the durability of the design.

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    Thanx for the Heads-up.
    I'll have to change my road bike soon and I'm seriously thinking of a Rohloff.

    If they make that one available for all , it's gonna be the solution for a lot of "custom" setup.
    The drawback is the battery , maybe a spare to carry around on long journey but it will be a lot easier to install those little switches on all handlebar setup.
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    I think I have posted the link somewhere already but its always worth looking at:

    I have my shifter on a bar extender and have no problem with it.

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    I'm running the Gebla box with Rival shifters, I love it and will never go back to the twist shifters. The lever through is quite reasonable and the feel is good. The one gear at a time is not a problem for me.

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