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    Alfine 8 cable routing options?

    Hey, Alfine gurus -- I'm getting some time and miles on my new 8 (love it/am buying another one), and every once in awhile I get a ka-klick and a bit of forward motion on the pedals. Mostly in a couple of the higher gears, 7 specifically. Other than that, everything seems perfect.

    I have read about others having phantom symptoms like this. It happens in frequently and is not really a problem. I just wonder if there is more I need to be aware of.

    My yellow dashes are lined up fine on the hub, and I am good about not applying torque to the pedals when shifting. Thanks for any feedback!

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    I found my alfine 8 really finicky to tune so it shifts right all the time. Lining up the yellow markers is the first step but isn't precise enough as I have found a little as 1/4 of a turn on the adjustment barel can cause issues. So to can any bend in the shift cable. I was having problems with it slipping under load in 6 th. I had to rerout my cable to eliminate a bend which helped but didn't fully resolve the issue. Then I just went out and rode an made small adjustments to see what would happen. As I loosened the cable my problem seemed to migrate to gears 7 and 8. So I had to tension the cable more to fix the problem and it was all out 1/ 8 th of a turn on the adjuster that did the trick . More than that and it would skip 6 th on the down shift. I have it dialled now and I've been enjoying my ride a lot more.

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    I've found that I got smoother shifting if I didn't run full length housing. on my Straggler I ran it to the bolt on down-tube mount (effectively giving me two barrel adjusters) then I ran the cable naked all the way back to the chain-stay mount.

    at the chain-stay mount I took a good 45 minutes snipping and filing down a "dog leg" with the most gradual bend I could give it. I kept it clean and well lubed and I never had the sluggish shifts I had with full length housing.

    Once set up, I ONLY used the downtube barrel adjuster, it seems to adjust in smaller, smoother steps.

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