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    KRob was right, it is good to be going into the Dirt Demo with a plan. It was quite a bit easier to get bikes on Monday than Tuesday, as well.

    Ibis Mojo HD. Lopes' bike was for display only.
    Intense Uzzi VP. Rode it, suspension set up poorly.
    Santa Cruz Blur LT. Good all-around bike but lacked personality.
    Intense Tracer VP. Couldn't get one.
    Yeti 575. Ride was a big disappointment.
    Titus El Guapo. Possibly the most underrated 6" travel bike. Awesome.
    Trek Remedy Carbon 9.9. Excellent balance and handing.
    Turner 5 Spot. Capable, comfortable, and a big step up in climbing ability
    Specialized EnduroSL Carbon. Couldn't get my hands on one
    Pivot Mach 5. Not good. Rocks kick it off its line at will.
    Specialized Epic S-Works Carbon. Didn't get to it.
    Giant Anthem X. Didn't get to it.

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    You guys did well. I GOTTA remember to concentrate on riding bikes more on Monday next year. Tuesday this year was PACKED! But work duties means I have to split my time between having fun (actually riding bikes) and taking photos, videos, and meeting and greeting people.

    I did get to ride a Norco Faze (4" rear travel). I wanted to ride the longer travel Fluid or LT, but they were gone in my size (either medium or small). I also got to ride the Norco Carbon Team (carbon hardtail) with Sram's XX gruppo on it. The bike was, of course, super light and very stiff. The two things it needed was wider tires (it had 1.95s on it) and wider bars (we measured the bars on it at 23.5"). The XX was awesome! Although the action is a bit heavy (the amount of pressure required to move the shifters for each gear change is more than X.0), the engagement was SUPER positive. The 2x10 gearing (double chain rings up front, 10 speed cassette in back) made me wonder why I ever needed a third chain ring. Then again, I didn't do any real steep, long climbs either.

    The only other bike I got to ride on Monday was a Shimano Di2 equipped carbon Orbea road bike. The Di2 is pretty slick stuff. However, it still requires adjusting the deraillleurs properly (the drivetrain adjustment routine is QUITE different with electronic shifting). The road course is not very interesting, however. It needs at least one short steep climb in it. I didn't have time to do the loop out to Lake Mead, which I'm sure is a much better proving ground. The main problem with the Di2 (expensive) is being addressed by Felt, who is mixing up a Di2 gruppo to bring the price point down to $6000 or so (from like, $10,000 originally? On the top line Giant road bike, I believe.) It's kinda cool, but still too expensive for my taste (and budget).

    On Tuesday, I must have gone to the Gates/Spot Brand booth about 3 times hoping to ride a belt-drive bike in my size, but no luck. I heard that Yeti didn't have too long a wait, but they still had 3 people ahead of my when I got there, and the ASR 5 C in my size was just going out. The other bike I didn't get around to demo'ing was a Hammerschmidt equipped Diamondback. Booths like Trek and Specialized were just PACKED. I counted about 17 people in line at the Trek booth. Crazy...

    Monday is definitely the best day to demo.

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    Oh yeah, I tried the Hammerschmidt equipped Diamondback in an XL too, forgot about that!
    Nice bike, kept screwing up the reverse shifting of the 'Schmidt though - I blame the heat, not my coordination...

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