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    Vegas until 2012

    Interbike will stay in Vegas until 2012. link
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    Quote Originally Posted by crashtestdummy
    Interbike will stay in Vegas until 2012. link
    This has nothing to do with the Mayan Calendar does it?

    ha ha

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    Bad news for us Vegas haters.

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    Denver 2013, start the campaign now
    We got the ski and snowboard trade show to defect, interbike next

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    chicago.. where all the really cool mountain biking happens
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    Good job!

    It needs to come back to reno. We got northstar like a half hour away for all your lift assisted goodness. And we got a big ass convention center not to mention hotel rooms being quite cheap

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    Guys your all very very wrong! Interbike needs to come to Australia!
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    Oregon or Wash state would be cool.

    Whister would be the best place to have it, but dunno how many companies would want to cross the border...

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    San Diego in 2013.

    The Comicon folks know why!
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    As much as I hate Vegas, it's definitely the right place to have the show. It's got lots of hotel rooms, an airport very close to the convention center, a it's just a half-day drive to SoCal.

    Yeah, it's crap giving all that money to such a bike-unfriendly place, but it's the best business decision. Having spent years crunching the numbers for an Interbike exhibitor, I shudder to think how much it'd cost and how much of a pain it'd be anywhere else.

    Plus, Vegas has Danny Gans. I still have no idea what he does, but nothing says Vegas like that guy.

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    So, I am biased, but where else are you going to get great whether in late September and triels like Bootleg? C'mon, stay in Vegas!
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    Agree with WhiteLobster.

    As much others and myself dislike Vegas, it's just setup for massive conventions with the close proximity of the abundence of hotels, airport and easy transportion. And it's close to Bootleg Canyon. The roadways and highways are large and easy to accomodate tradeshow traffic (exhibtors and visitors alike).

    It just works.

    I would love to see it move to a bike friendly place, but for now it works, well for that matter.

    The shop owners I know do enjoy it in Vegas, a bit of a fun getaway for them from the daily grind of running a LBS. Fun for their staff too.
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