• 09-14-2011
    Sneaked in to Interbike today!!!!!
    Was a piece of cake!! walked back and forth looking for a weak spot in their defensive perimeter ;) and then just rolled in....
    Went straight for the GU and Cliff bars for fuel and spent 4 hours in there!!
    Cliff was just shoveling the stuff out there for everybody.. and I had to many GU's and will probably not get any sleep tonight :madman:

    Will post some pics, my camera died I took so many,, gotta charge it up!!!

    Place was jam packed, so much to see..
  • 09-15-2011
    Like a Ninja!
  • 09-16-2011
    Yea I am a total ninja!!! :madmax:
    I am now two for two getting into the show!! and I am actually writing this from the show at the interbike "online lounge!!!" Been huming the theme song to mission impossible...:)
    This time i brought some green backs and went shoppin...got a sweet messinger bag from Chrome..
    Its 3:50 and everyone is tearing down their booths... see you next year..

    Oh yae i will try to post a few pics...
  • 09-16-2011
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  • 09-20-2011
    which booth was that?
  • 09-25-2011