• 10-07-2008
    Dw-Link On Look Bike, huh ?
    Is Zinn smoking the good stuff on the job again ?
    "Look’s foray into full suspension to complement its 986 carbon hardtail, the 996 frame has an all-carbon front end and features a DW Link articulating the swingarm at the bottom bracket. The frame sells for $2,500. | Photo: Lennard Zinn"
    Anyone try one at the demo with the Quartz pedals on it.:D Ouch.
  • 10-07-2008
    One of the Look employees mentioned it is suppose to be between DW link and VPP design. I'm no expert so don't hold me to it. The thread started in the ww forum here on mtbr. I started the thread about the new 996, and it was responded to by PYF from Look bicycles.

    -Actually I just re-read that old thread and it was just refered to as VPP, no mention of DW link at all. Just to try and keep the info straight and not get anyone worked up.
  • 10-09-2008
    Yea, if looks like DWL in styling. I guess we'll see a lot of these soon.

    I'm sure they would mention DW if it's the full deal.