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    Anyone else 'lose' stuff at LV Airport?

    So got home after IB, unpacking stuff, find and "Inspected by Security" tag in my bag and discover that my Shimano Pro Koryak stem is missing along with a bag of miscellaneous energy gels and bars from the show... They left a bag of miscellaneous chainlubes that might be considered flammable or something and possibly understandable if removed, but my Gu Gingerbread Vanilla energy shots and caffeinated Jelly Bellys?
    First kinda amused but then wondered how often this happens, anyone else?

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    Yeah the TSA checkers are crooks. Not from the LV airport, but MSP they stole a nice pull over jacket on the way to my camping trip. I called the airline reporting the theft and they paid for a replacement. Unfortunately I froze on the trip.

    On another trip the TSA confiscated my kids yogurt. Reasoning was that there are no gel type substance allowed past their checkpoint. (What is shampoo, soap, hair gel....) As we were putting out shoes back on we watched the TSA agent eat our breakfast. Yea right the Fu###r was just looking for a snack.

    Figure since we are all now paying for our checked luggage they are covering their losses from the crooked TSA agents call the airline and make a formal claim. Until the airlines and our FAA system pulls their head out of their a## and reforms the TSA we will all be subject to their BS each time we travel. And the airlines are curious why people are flying less? Its not the economy.

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