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  • 03-06-2016
    Keeping this thread alive.

    Been putting it off, but i finally caved and went 1x10.

    Hope T-rex 40t
    Hope Retainer Narrow/Wide Chainring Black 36T
    Shimano ZEE M640 Shadow Plus Rear Derailleur Short Cage SS 32-36T Wide Ratio
    Shimano Zee shifter
    SRAM PG1070 Cassette 11-36T
    SRAM PC1091 Hollow Pin Chain

    Also got a Rock Shox Monarch Debonair RT out back now. Hans Dampf up front as well. Not much riding on any of this so far but first impressions are good.

    Anybody else still rocking a Tracer VP?
  • 03-07-2016
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    Sure am. Pike 160 up front, CCDBA out back, 1x10 with One-Up 42T conversion and 16T.
  • 10-29-2016
    Works blue awesome! Shame Intense no longer offers it.
  • 10-30-2016
    Mine is actually the CRC Blue, but they're very close. Mine has the silver base coat under the blue, which hides the metal patterns. The custom color choices were part of what made Intense different. Some of the colors now really suck.