I'm just taking mine apart, on your rear shock do your reducers spin slightly with a little finger force. I have the BETD ones which were meant to work better with the Tracer. It just moves a little when I grip and push with my finger on the side where the bolt threads into the link.

Is this normal because it's done it since new and the lbs said it's designed to spin a little but I think they were maybe confused with the DU bushings as I've since read the reducers/spacers should be a solid "Nothing else should move. The reducers, bolt and rockers form a solid shaft. You do not want the reducers to rotate against the rocker arms". Well as above one end of my reducers could be spun slightly against the inside rocker link even though there was slight tension from having the bolt as tight as it could go.

Hope that's clear and someone can chip in to put my mind at rest.