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    Spider owners, please provide feedback on durability

    Hi All, would appreciate some intel from current/former Spider 29 riders.

    Years ago, I owned a 26" wheeled Spider. It was far and away the BEST handling bike I've ever ridden (ridden lots). Sprinting, climbing, steeps, techy stuff - you name it, I rode faster on that bike. One friend told me "you learned to ride fast on that bike". I loved it.

    The only problem was that it kept breaking. In something like this order, I had to fix...

    - broken pivot bolt,
    - seized lower pivot bearings,
    - broken pivot assembly to rear shock (the bushings)
    - another set of seized pivot bearings,
    - rear triangle (my fault, running too fat a tire wore a hole in the chainstay)
    - more pivot bearings (and I live in a dry state!?!)
    - finally a crack in the main triangle.

    To be fair, Intense was awesome at helping me with replacement equipment and advice. Also, I realize I was riding a "race" bike pretty hard - no crazy hucking or anything, but lots of rocks where I live, and some 2 - 4 foot drops. So, I'm not blaming anyone. I just got tired of fixing it. One week of down time for every week of amazing riding. Full disclosure: this was the first version of the Spider and the VPP. I know they've gotten some things sorted out since then.

    My question to those that have ridden the Spider 29 is, do you have any of these issues? I'm really interested in getting that same great handling in a bigger wheeled package, but not if it's as fragile as the earlier version.

    By the way, I'm looking at the aluminum version. I weight about 175 with gear and go about 5'10", if it matters. I ride mostly in the Rocky Mountains. Any thoughts or feedback is appreciated. Thanks,


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    I'm happy to vouch for the durability of the current gen Spider 29 Alloy, my housemate owns one. FYI I'm a Carbine 275 rider but I've seen this S29 do plenty of 6'+ drops and I've personally sent this bike over a 15' gap with no problem at all. This thing just begs to be ridden hard. Get on board!

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