Not sure where to post this, but I'll try here first:

I just moved from Canada to the UK and am looking for the 'perfect' XC/AM ride... Let's just say that the trails here are a little (well, a lot) tamer than what I'm accustomed to, and I'm thinking about building up a lighter AM bike for all-purpose use. I currently have an Intense Socom for DH and a Rocky Mountain Slayer SXC for XC/AM, but the Rocky I could never get to feel quite right. The geometry is pretty spot on, but it's either way too stiff or it blows through travel like there's no tomorrow with the DHX Air shock on it. Either way, it seems a little overkill for most of the trails around here. I have considered upgrading the shock, but not sure if it will make enough of a difference, plus it would be nice to lighten up the ride a bit.

I am able to pick up an Intense Tracer frame for a great price, and am wondering if I should make the switch or if it will be too similar to the Slayer? I really like the VPP suspension on my Socom, so a smaller travel version really appeals to me, but will it be that much different than the Slayer in the 5.5" mode? Does anyone have any real experience with both of these bikes? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.