Looking at the Carbine 29. For the trails and stuff I ride, I think a 160mm fork is a bit overkill, especially on a 29er. Right now, I'm riding a 26" Remedy with a 150mm Revelation and it's pretty good. I've also tried a 140mm (Fox 34) Remedy 29 out west (Moab), and that was perfect there.

I was thinking of putting the Dual Position 150/120mm Pike on the Carbine. It would steepen the head angle like 0.1-2 degrees, which is a bonus. It would lower the BB a smidgen, perfect, and it would allow me to drop to 120mm for steep technical climbing so as to prevent the front end from wandering as much, I'll be using a 60mm stem.

Any thoughts or comments on that? The only issue here is that it seems the 150/120 Dual Position 51mm comes in white only. That's a SRAM Fail.