Intense 6.6 new build

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  • 11-22-2012
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    Intense 6.6 new build
    Finally got round to finishing my new build - Intense 6.6
    Bought the frame in 'raw' aluminium but, after much deliberation and scouring through the 6.6 gallery, decided to get it sprayed in Candy Red (luckily know a guy who sprays a lot of bikes/is a biker and he did if for free ) and have some custom stickers done.
    I've replaced all the bearings and shock mounts as I found they were in a pretty bad way.
    Since the photo I've changed the spring (as I wasn't sure what the spring was)to a nice new black one so looks so much better.
    Rides like a dream, super plush. It's a big change from the On One 456 Carbon I was riding but still climbs really well.
    Build Spec:
    Intense 6.6 frame
    5th Element Coil
    Fox Float 32 150mm 15QR
    Hope Hoops on DT 5.1's (soon to be Stans ZTR 355/Arch) 10mm Bolt thro rear
    Full 2 x 10 XT drivechain
    Hope Tech M4 brakes
    Easton EC70 seatpost
    Easton Monkeylite Carbon bars
    Thompson 50mm 4x Stem

    Weighs in at approx 28lb :D
  • 11-22-2012
    Congrats, break out the champagne! Looking good.
  • 11-27-2012
    I'm a little unsure about the white spring, but damn it is light, mine's the wrong side of 35lbs:mad:
  • 11-27-2012
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    Updated with new, right weight for me, cane creek spring. Scales were a bit out, accurately weighed at 29.5lb. Going tubeless soon with new lighter rims so should save a bit..
  • 12-01-2012
    Great project- very cool.
  • 12-04-2012
    Love the candy red! My 6.6 used to be a lightweight build at around 28lbs with the previous owner as it served as a long trave trailbike under him.

    Now, mine weighs about 33lbs with burlier components. Van Fork, Coil shox, Hone cranks, Saint Brakes, Saint RD, Hope bolt-in hubs etc...

    Was thinking of dropping the weight to at least 30lbs with a fox 36 float and Vivid Air shox but running short on disposable income right now. Maybe something for next year instead.
  • 12-04-2012
  • 12-04-2012
    I had a 6.6 in medium (search for my threads - I pioneered some of the 6.6 fixes such as off-set shock bushes) which I sold as it was too small for me (now have a Tracer in Large). Anyway, I ran K9 Industries off-set headset cups to slacken the head angle by -2 degrees. TRANSFORMED the bike. I was going through my parts bin yesterday and saw the cups. If any of you 6.6 owners are interested in them - drop me a PM. They will only fit a size medium frame. The bearings were replaced shortly before removal so are almost new and the cups are in good condition apart from pitting / bash marks from when they were knocked out of the head tube when the were removed (won't be visible once installed and doesn't affect performance). $60 plus postage to anywhere in the world.