• 10-31-2012
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    Help replacing lower-link bearing (tracer 2)?
    Hey guys, I've been struggling with this for a while, and figured now was a good time to turn to the collective brain trust for help ;) My lower link bearings have gotten a bit notchy, and I was going to replace them but cant figure out how to get them out.

    I remove the 5mm allen bolt from the non drive side, but can't make progress from here. According to Intense, there's a cap that then needs to come out, again, on the non-drive side. I guess there's an 8mm bolt under that cap? How do you get this cap out? Intense Customer service told me to flip the bolt around and put it back in the hole, and give it a whack. Tried that but nothing happens. Even tried a bit of wd-40. What am I missing? Have you guys found any tricks or tips to get this dumb thing out?
  • 10-31-2012
    I haven't done this on my T2 but I did completely break down the TVP and had a hell of a time getting one of the bearings out. Try something a little more potent like PB Blaster and be persistent tapping it out and it should go eventually. I ended up taking it to my Intense dealer to have the new ones pressed properly instead of ruining them trying to punch them in myself.
  • 11-02-2012
  • 01-15-2013
    Im sure this answer is in the forums somewhere but there are hundreds thousands of pages. I have the lower link off and the bearings are showing. Do l just heat up the pivot and tap/pound out the bearings?
  • 01-15-2013
    I just tapped, pried, pounded, whatever it took to get them out without damaging anything else. Since I had to take it in to my LBS to have the new bearings properly seated, I would probably just have them do it if I was to do it again and save a royal PITA. I would be a little hesitant of using real heat though without a second opinion.
  • 01-16-2013
    I cant really remember but I think there is a 8mm allen bolt thats after the 6mm comes out that will remove the Axle (pivot) they are pretty easy to work out.....
  • 02-16-2016
    I just did this this weekend. The first bolt is 5mm hex and this is for the cone adjuster. I had to coax mine out...gently. Once you remove that the next one is the main pivot bolt and it's an 8mm hex. same set up for both top and bottom bolts.
    Once you remove it, there will be 4 bearing caps, don't forget to clean and reinstall those.

    Don't overtighten and use lots of grease when you reassemble

    Hope this helps