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    Carbine 26er or 27.5 with 1x10 using wolfthoot or other company, R u happy?

    So i have been riding my carbine 26er in 1x10 (11x36 in the back and 30 in the front) for about 3 months, I am happy but there are times I would like to have something small for some climbs. are u guys happy doing 40 or 42 in the back and the whole changes u need to do? or are you waiting for 1x11 become more affordable? If you are happy what is your setup? pictures?


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    If you are happy with your 1x10 except for the granny i'd just get a 40/42t for the rear. The only reason to go 11 speed would be to gain the 10t. x1 is out already and really its not that cheap. My buddy put a One up 40t on his x9 setup, works flawlessly and One up included the 16t cog.

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    Carbine 26er or 27.5 with 1x10 using wolfthoot or other company, R u happy?-1x10-carbine275-.jpg
    I'm running a 32T Wolf up front and 11X40 in the rear on my Carbine 275. Went with the 40t because I heard the 42t is really pushing the limits of a rear derailleur designed for 36t. I went with the One Up components 40t and the 16t was thrown in as a bonus. Removing the 15t and 17t to replace with 16t keeps the range between gears a little more even. I find my shifting to be as good as ever, and only rarely wish for a lower gear. Figure just ride more, get stronger and no need for lower gears. Between the Xtr plus derailleur and the Wolftooth chainring I have no chain slap or any noise at all. I only hear tires on dirt.

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    Carbine 26er or 27.5 with 1x10 using wolfthoot or other company, R u happy?

    I've got a Wolf Tooth 30t upfront and the WT 42 on an XT cassette. With an X9 RD it shifts fine. I was surprised that I didn't need to turn the B-tension screw in too much. The cog comes with a longer B tension screw but I didn't need to use it. Bikes a Carbine SL BTW.

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