I took my 2011 Spider 29 apart in the Fall to change bearings, then bought a Spider 29 Comp in March and now when I am about to assemble my Spider 29 I need to make sure I am doing it correct :-)

1. Should I put loctite on the bolt which I can adjust the travel?
2. I have two silver alloy spacers which are around 1 cm in diameter. Do I put them on the two low bearings which sits in the swingarm - one in the left and one in the right. These are supposed to be between the link and the bearings in the swingarm?
3. I loosened the bolts in the bottom link and never took this apart. I presume I loctite these and tighten these.

Anything else I should be aware of?

@Sam from Intense: It would be great if you made some video tutorials for how to service the bikes. I know SC do this and this makes it a lot easier to understand what you need to do.