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    Anyone else had problems cracking swingarms?

    When my first carbine 275 swingarm cracked it was almost a year old, and I thought fair enough - it got ridden pretty hard. Stress fractures around the main pivot on the front triangle, a stress fracture at the base of the chainstay/seatstay brace on the swingarm, and the alloy insert that the brake side dropout bolts into separated from the carbon and fell off.

    All bikes break eventually, so no big deal. I email photos of the frame to my bike shop and the local intense distributer was quick to replace the entire frame (the updated version with stealth dropper routing), and I was very happy.

    I built up the new frame and rode it maybe 4 times that week. Then I broke my wrist. 7 weeks later, the cast comes off and I get back on the bike but due to the weak wrist I can't ride singletrack, and I do 3 cruisy rides up forestry roads for fitness. On the 3rd ride the carbon bonding the lower link to the swingarm self destructs on both sides. I had to get off the bike and walk it back to the car otherwise the rear wheel might have fallen off. That's a frame less than 3 months old, ridden 7 times, broken on some smooth forestry road by a guy who can barely hold onto the bars.

    Again, I send photos to the distributer via the bike shop. But in contrast to the first problem and it's quick resolution, this time I'm not getting much response...

    My first frame was tough, it got ridden hard, the second was basically made of cheese and the failure can only be a manufacturing defect - in which case I can't be the only one. Who else is cracking carbon swingarms?
    Anyone else had problems cracking swingarms?-cracked.jpg

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    Maybe the bearing caps were not installed?

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