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    Advice on 951 frame size

    Hello, first post here, purchased a 2014 Carbine 275 a couple of months back and am loving it. I have developed an addiction to downhilling now. I have the opportunity to get a great deal on a small or medium 951 frame and a build a bike with my local shop. My medium Carbine is just a little big for me, bought it sight unseen.

    I'm 5'8" and 170 lbs., ride on weekends, no intention of racing, the frame is for the 26" version. Appreciate the 650b advantages but broke the bank with my Carbine 275. Besides, the last thing I need is to go faster!

    I don't know if my experience with my Carbine 275 medium can really translate to the 951 26er, any advice would be greatly appreciated and geometry specs would be nice too, can't seem to find that anywhere.


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    A medium should be the perfect size for you at your height unless you like bikes on the smaller could just run a shorter stem on the med if it still feels big

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