thinking about putting a 8.5X2.5 ammo on a 2009 uzzi vp. I've a +1 degree cane creek angleset and a 55 160mm titanium marzocchi rc3, i want to create a "slopestyle" bike with the g3 settings on the steepest setting, so to have short chainstay, low bb (shorter ammo) and good steering angle.

It's sort of what was done on santa vp3 back then. Only downside, i remember a lot of people complying on the pedaling on the vp3 with the shorter ammo, sort of strange going 20mm shorter but i know vpp is very sensible on sag and ammo length.

Uzzi is vpp2, though, and is produced with different ammo (8.75X2.75 and 8.75X2.5) as well as different link for shortest or longer travel. Using 8.5X2.5 with shorter travel sort of cut the very first and very last part of possible stroke.
So, any idea or first hand experience on this swap? Any idea on the project? Every input appreciated...