I recently picked up a 5.5 EVP to force myself into the 21st century and see what all this full suspension malarkey was all about!

Having ridden santacruz chameleons since '98 I had never properly ridden a modern suspension frame and it has made a world of difference! I was originally looking for a blur or blurLT frame to hang the components from my chameleon on (5" forks, 1x9 drivetrain, small frame jump/play bike setup) and an '08 5.5 in small came up for 260 quid with an rp23 and it was rude to say no. A new set of lower bearings later and its all sweet. It feels identical to the chameleon, just so much faster and more comfortable - climbs and descends much better!

Having never properly played with suspension settings before, I'm now jumping headlong into it and some advice would be appreciated

I have 5" Z3 QR20 forks, I know they are old and very basic (they have no real compression damping circuit, no external rebound adjustment and no lock out) however I love the design and the robustness of them. I am going to be dropping in some Z1 damping cartridges in the near future to give me better damping control. I am pretty happy with how they work, soak up everything I through at them on the trail, rarely bottom them out and they don't bob too much when climbing if you keep a neutral position and pedal smoothly. They're set at about 20-25% sag with rebound set fairly fast; my only complaint would be that they dive a fair amount on the front brake which then extends the rear shock.

I've set the rear shock to 25% sag but for my weight the shock is at a much lower pressure than recommended by intense. I'm about 160lbs and have 100-105psi in there, the intense manual recommends about 130-140psi. I guess that I should go by the amount of sag and it seems to work very well, very supple on the small stuff and sucks up the big, with the shock wide open it doesn't bob and I haven't bottomed it out yet.

However on a fairly fast run of the local trail centre I've gone through 85-90% of the shock stroke without hitting any significant drops/jumps. Should I be looking to increase the pressure and reduce the sag to resist bottoming? To set the sag I'm just sitting on the bike in a neutral position, is this correct?

I also presume the rear suspension extending when on the front brake (the rear brake seems to have little to no effect on the suspension action) is simply because the forks are diving because of no slow speed compression circuit?

Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated

I've set the suspension to 25% sag but I seem to be almost blowing through the rear travel so do I need to increase the pressure and reduce sag?