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    275 Conversion Kit- 180mm Brake Adapter

    For those of you that have the 275 kit or own a Carbine 275, we now have a 180mm rear brake adapter available on our webstore here:

    180mm Rear Brake Adapter

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    Thanks Sam, order's in!
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    Thanks for giving the people what they want!

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    Hey Sam,

    Tim Lewis here, long time since we spoke - thanks for the notice on the 180mm brake adapter, if my T2 (650b convert) wasn't so perfectly dialed in like it is I would consider upgrading my rear rotor from 160 to the 180, but I'm so happy with the Hope M4 setup I have now (203/160) I don't want to mess with it.

    Between the T2 and insanely fun M9 I am one happy Intense guy right now and very glad to see you are actively taking care of business getting others rides back on the trails ASAP - keep up the good work bro!

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    Eh, I was wondering why my Avid 40mm IS adapter wasn't working! I tried everything!

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