First post. Scoured the internet with not luck:

I'm looking to purchase my friends Intense 951 FRO in matte black. I am very confused as to why the rear triangle has 2 holes and not the G3 (3-hole) or Fixed set-up.

I was under the impression the 951 went from 3 holes to fixed in 2011. I spoke with intense and they were not familiar with a 2 hole dropout for any 951. I don't have a picture but have seen the 2-hole setup with my own two eyes. The two holes are separated by about 1cm of space, as opposed to the G3 system which has overlapping holes.

I know this is a 951 rear triangle and not a swap from another bike or warranty replacement. Does anyone have any info on this mystery 2 hole rear triangle dropout?

Thanks in advance!