• 12-20-2012
    Snowbike ride near Laramie
    Assuming the Mayan calendar thing doesn't work out as planned anyone up for a snow bike ride this weekend? I think there is plenty of snow in or near Laramie i was thinking up near the 'snowies' near centennial. I've been here two weeks so I don't know the area or trails and am open to suggestions of trails near Laramie. I have a 4x truck and am willing to drive (assuming you trust someone from AZ driving in the snow)... Moonlander is ready to explore.
  • 12-21-2012
    Green Rock
    There are groomed snowmobile trails out of Albany and above Centennial from Green Rock. There are miles of good riding from Green Rock...up to Libby Flats, or through Brooklyn Lake area to loop to Sand Lake Road. (This is the best map I could find). Easy snow bike riding, but beautiful country. Then in Spring you can ride anywhere up there if the sun-crust is good.

    They used to groom on Monday and Tuesday. I would skate ski those "trails" until the weekend and rarely saw another soul. Avoid weekends though...crazy with slednecks...and probably during the holiday break too.

    Barbar Lake Road could be ridable to access Green Rock. There may be some short snowshoe tracks to ride on the Corner Mtn trails.

    Fox Creek Road is closed in winter and that would be a fun ride.
  • 12-21-2012
    Well ill risk the sled necks and ride without ear buds so I can here em coming. That's what we did in AZ with all the off roaders on atvs. Got the itch to get some crunchy snow under the tires.

    Thanks for the map that's what I needed.