did the unmentionable the other day...a gravel (decomposed granite) road was our destination.
left early, had beers on ice, and headed for garden valley.
about ten miles the other side of gv we headed north to summit flat on the road to deadwood reservoir.
we must have parked above 7000 feet after nine miles of pretty bad road.
from there it was an easy 6 miles to the lookout with views of the reservoir on the way.
the lookouts location is something else. 360 degree views in every direction.
no one was home when we got there, but he showed up just after i used his outhouse (great view.)
he didn'y seem glad to see us so we sauntered off back to the parking lot where the bikes were. his license plate:IDON8V
mostly downhill back to the car where two of us decided to bomb the nine miles of road we had driven up.
that was faaast. brake discs near meltdown, we never saw the car again until he finally showed up at the river.
six beers later (that's 2 each,) we rolled into boise and 102 degree temps.