Pocatello in the winter?

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  • 12-02-2012
    Pocatello in the winter?
    Are the trails rideable in the winter?
  • 12-03-2012
    usually iced over or muddy, so not really.
  • 12-03-2012
    Depends on the year.

    Or the time of day...
  • 12-11-2012
    People have been riding a lot of the city creek area. I have not, so this is second hand, but it sounds like its pretty good. The mornings are the best and you will likely be a little muddy into the afternoons. The east side of town would be pretty fun.
  • 01-06-2013
    What about the American Falls area? I know a few people that dirt bike over there throughout the winter. Has anyone been to that area?
  • 01-08-2013
    There is a pretty fun trail from the Neeley exit to the boat ramp at Massacre Rocks. The trails are not marked, but you will likely see tracks. I have heard that there is some new riding out there, but I have not been for a while and do not know for sure. As soon as we get some warmer temps for a few days it will likely be good to go. If you go, post back and tell how it was. Its a pretty fun trail.