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    Pocatello Trail Conditions

    I'm in Jackson with a bum knee (and hardly any snow anyway). Can anyone tell me if trails in the Pocatello area are good to go? I've been spending a lot of time in that area rock climbing (Wolverine Canyon, Playground, Massacre, etc) and it seems like trails should be clear, but I've never ridden in Pocatello before so I'm not sure.

    Any info would be helpful. I'd be happy to reciprocate with Jackson info when the time comes... not soon enough!


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    The Ride the Tetons / Habitat social media streams have been showing a lot of riding photos over there, and it looks like it's riding well. Call Habitat for specifics.
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    Trails are riding like late april, the city creek area is completely dry to the top, sterling justice is rideable, etc. Gibson and west fork are a couple weeks out and scout mountain is probably a month + out. More than enough open to link up a proper March ride!

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