Hi mtbrers,
I spent last night reading through the Payette National Forest's Draft Travel Management Plan. Why would I do such a thing instead of drinking MGD and lamenting the latest fluffy powder snowfall? (if you live in McCall you'll understand the dilemna) Well, because the Travel Plan controls what will happen in our favorite forest and where and what you can and can't do during the summer AND winter.

The travel plan has four options and here's an overly simplified summary from my overly simplified memory-
Option A- don't change any road or trail designations except the restriction on motorized cross-country (off trail or road) required by some new national law.
Option B- This is the PNF's preferred option. It makes a few give-n-take changes. Some roads change to ATV routes and we gain a few non-motorized trails and some trails are closed due to erosion and maintenance budgets. This also restricts some snowmobile areas to allow for backcountry skiing in areas
Option C- pro motorized changes that add ATV routes and snowmobile travel areas in the winter
Option D- the pro non-motorized option- adds trails to the non-motorized side and restricts snowmobile areas inthe winter.

The good news is that none of our favorite trails are being turned into ATV routes. However the bad news is that there are 1000's of snowmobile and ATV advocates in WI and MN that are feverishly writing emails and comments for their favorite option. So Please counteract them by taking a moment to review the summary page at least and writing your own email supporting your favorite option-
preferably D and at least B.


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April 3, 2006
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In case you don't know, the Payette NF has about 1000 miles of trails surrounding McCall and includes lots of your favorite trails- 20 Mile, Loon Lake, East Fork of Lake Fork, Cow Creek ;-), Brundage, Payette Rim Ride, and others.

In addition, it looks like our (CIMBA's) proposal to add about 10miles of singletrack in Bear Basin is still in the plans in might possibly become a reality some time soon.