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    Wood chips are stupid
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    Paging Nels...hello

    Nels,akdeluxe here. PM me please.
    Beer kicks ass!
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    Hey Nels ---

    Was that you at the Hyde Park Bookstore today a lil' after 1pm? I saw a sweet ass black Turner (at least I think it was a Turner) and then I noticed the rider and he had a distinctive mustache. I thought that mighta been you. I was at Parilla waiting in line. I wanted to come out and say hello, but they were in the midst of making my tacos. When I paid for everything you were long gone.

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    beer is good
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    Twas me, hittin the post office, then a spin up Rocky Canyon, which was pretty good
    no ice until the corner just before trail 7- Orchard Gulch. It looked a little soggy, but
    5 Mile creek was probably okay.
    Was this the bike you saw?
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