Hi Guys and Gals

Just wanted to update you on Mt Bike Oregon.

I hear there will be a lot people coming over from your way. Well atleast I have heard some buzz coming out of Boise.

Hotel/motel rooms are limited if your not camping.

We will have a booth at the Sea Otter, so please stop by. Myself and SHIGGY atleast will be there.

We are out of DVD's again after the Seattle Bike show this weekend, so please give us a couple weeks to get more.

So far we have people from Maine, Mass, Conn, NY, NJ, Texas, ID, Wash, Cali and Oregon coming this year.

Also please remember the longer you wait to sign up the more it is. We really need people to please pre-reg to prepare the food and shuttles and all that good stuff

Should be a great time hope to see you there

Please contact me with any questions