Hey guys more bad news.. I came home from spring break to find that My Girlfriends Cruiser had been stolen.. The Kryptonite Lock was sitting on the ground with the lock cut with bolt cutters..

I know that its not as expensive as other bikes out there, but it was a present I got for her a few years back and has a lot of sentimental value.. It currently has a White WALD basket on the front and the Right pedal had fallen apart..

I dont have the serial number right now, but I can ID it with no issue over the phone..

Its a Red Schwinn Classic AL 3 Speed with the the White basket in front.. Stolen from the Dorms at BSU..

I want this bike back more than any of my others that have been taken.. If you guys think you see it or have seen it in the last week, Call me or text me at 208-660-2569 or email me at coolswan3609@gmail.com

Thanks Again Guys..