So MT AQI / smoke report seems to suggest Great Falls is mostly out of the smoke.

I was thinking about camping this weekend up off 89 en route to GF, perhaps Kings Hill.

I wasn't sure what other options there might be in the nearby Nat'l Forest if the campsite is full when we get there tonight.

Also, saw this ride (below) referenced on the County Tourism website -- any GF riders have more beta on other trails / decent camping?



Mountain Bike Trails at and around Showdown Ski Area - Russell Country Montana
Dry Wolf Ridge to Jefferson Loop

Distance: 23 miles, 18 miles w/shuttle

Elevation +/-: 3500 ft

Tread Surface: Gravel Roads, two track with some loose rock, awesome single track

Ride Highlights: Great Views, Sweet single track downhill.

Ride Summary: One of the favorite rides in the area, a good-heart pounding warm-up climb, rolling two-track across a wide ridge-line with amazing views and stunning wildflowers, and a 3 mile section of some the best single track downhill in the Little Belts.

Share the Trail: Open to motorized travel.

Ride Directions: Launch the climb from US Highway 89 at the top of King's Hill Pass up to the top of King's Hill, which sits across the Highway from Showdown Montana Ski Area, on Memorial Way Road (F.S. road #487, east side of highway). At the top turn left, heading north on Dry Wolf Road (F.S. Road #251), which traverses across the rolling ridgeline. While several double track roads branch off, make sure to stay on Dry Wolf Road (F.S. Road #251) until the 10-mile mark. At this point, leave Dry Wolf Road (which forks to the east towards Yogo Peak) and take the left-fork, (F.S. Road #3300) which side hills around Tepee Butte for about .8 miles, before dropping to the Jefferson Saddle and the start of the Jefferson Trail.

The Jefferson trail is what single track should beswooping downhill runs, with some big switchback corners. The trail descends into the Jefferson drainage (west off the ridge) for 3 miles before intersecting with Chamberlain Road (F.S. Road #3328). ATVs and motorbikes are rare on weekdays, but keep your eyes open. From here, if you've set up a shuttle at the bottom of Jefferson Road, take a right and a quarter mile later a turn to the left and follow Jefferson Road (F.S. Road #267) for five miles out to intersect with U.S. Highway 89 (just keep heading downhill).

Those without a shuttle can take Chamberlain Road (F.S. Road #3328) to the left (south) back up towards King's Hill Pass. After 6.5 miles you will intersect with U.S. Highway 89. Keep at eye out for the connector trails on the left (east side of highway) to take you the last two miles up to the top of the pass without having to pedal up the pavement.