Here's my proposal for the Dirt Board, what do you think? Too big, too much, not enough, is it sustainable, etc. Also, on the back sides there would be dirt ramped up which would allow you to back your car/truck up to it. Climbing to the top is a real pain. We'd start with those 7 then incorporate 2 of the same ramps only larger every leap year.

A name and new bike design also needs to be discussed to incorperate into mountain biking. Nothing too catchy but just enough to draw in unsuspecting youngsters and middle aged men. Maybe something like Free-beering, Free-birding, Free-whiley and everytime you catch air the phrase would be "chicka chickaaahh". Wheel size would be 26.00000001254.

This will deffinately be the next big thing along with progressing the sport to new heights...I will be the inventor/godfather and live on forever!