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    Danger on the roadways

    From the Idaho Bike racing listserve:

    Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 13:27:49 -0600
    From: "Kurt Holzer" <>
    To: <>, "'Lost River List Serve'"
    Subject: [Idahobikeracing] Less than a slap on the wrist for killing
    Kevin Pavlis?

    That seems to be what is in the works.

    Apparantly the driver - a 16 year old juvenile- claims he saw everyone else
    as well as car traveling next to the group behind Kevin.

    The maximum juvenile penalty for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter is 90
    days in juvenile lockup and 3 years probation. That is the law and the
    prosecutors' hands are tied in that regard.

    HOWEVER, word is they are not seeking ANY incarceration time. They are
    currently working on a plea agreement with the attorney representing the
    person who killed Kevin which will include community service, but no

    Apparantly Juvenile prosecutor Michael Anderson, and Deputy Shelly Armstrong
    from the downtown Ada County office, have implied some fault on Kevin's
    part in that he was not wearing Lactic's bright team colors.


    >From my perspective, the prosecutors insinuations and proposed course of
    action are an insult to Elise Pavlis, her and Kevin's daughter Sarma, the
    rest of the Pavlis family and all cyclists who share the road lawfully with
    motorists young and old. Elise has lost her husband forever on this
    earth and Sarma has lost her daddy . Our friends at Lactic Acid and the
    the Boise cycling community- in fact the entire Boise community- lost a good
    man and someone who made this a better place to live.

    Some may believe that the young person who killed Kevin will be punished
    enough by guilt. Because he feels bad thats enough. I disagree. Kevin's
    killer is still driving in our city, attending school with his friends,
    and playing soccer on his high school team. Sarma goes to bed each night
    without afather.

    Idaho law provides that the Idaho "juvenile corrections system will be
    based on the [] principles of : accountability; community protection; and
    competency development."

    If you believe that the Ada County prosecutors office is failing in its
    mission to deal with accountability by this driver, I encourage you to
    express your opinons.

    The law also provides that the juvenile court "shall impose a sentence that
    will protect the community," Idaho Code section 20-501.

    Driving a vehicle places great responsibility upon members of the community.
    When done without regard for the lives of others there should be
    consequences. 90 days in a juvenile lockup is not really too high a
    price for taking an innocent, law-abiding life. It is not just a lesson to
    the young driver but to the other 16-17 year olds behind the wheel. From my
    perspective, there is a role for this incarceration and punishment to
    protect the community in this case.

    If you agree with me, I encourage you to contact the prosecutors and let
    them know

    Mike Anderson , the Juvenile prosecutor can be contacted at: < > or 577-4900

    Deputy Prosecutor Shelly Armstrong who has been involved in the case
    from the start can be contacted at <>; 287-7700

    The Ada County Prosecuting Attorney is Greg Bower. they can also be
    contacted at 297-7700

    His Chief Deputy is Roger Bourne also can be contacted at that number.
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    Here is a link to the Statesman article this morning with the Ada County Prosecutors statements about the email above.
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