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  • 11-14-2011
    2011 Specialized Camber
    Red Hook ESB, Deschutes Red Chair, etc.
  • 12-04-2011
    2011 Specialized Hardrock 29er Single Speed
  • 02-12-2012
    Time Flies!
    Can't believe you posted this 6 1/2 years ago. Where does time go?
    Seems it flies along all downhill after 40 :)

    Health, Happiness, Love, Long fulfilling life and lots and lots of satisfying riding to us all

    (sorry for the derail)


    Originally Posted by Earthpig View Post
    I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I think this board gets more traffic than any of the regional boards other than the Colorado and Cali boards. There also seem to be more and more new posters on the board. I think it's time for a general board roll call. Where do you live, how old are you, what's your primary bike, who from the board have you ridden with, and what's your brew of choice? (Ignore the last question if it offends you.) If you have a photo of yourself, post it so we know what you look like!

    Earthpig (aka Geoff)

    Location - Boise, on the Mesa

    Age - turning 35 tomorrow

    Bike - Ventana X5 (fork finally back from Marzocchi!) (also have a road bike, cross bike and a hardtail)

    Have ridden with - smilycook, crash_burn, twistedcrank, flipinidaho, Nels, mtnbkrdr98, lv2ride, Bombin 40x, riderx40, Wayndar, Irishbuddha, MarkV, rideit, Visicypher, adso, justen, and Sparticus from the OR/SS boards. (Also have met CBro and BelaySlave, but have not ridden with them)

    Brew - PBR when I'm thirsty, Miller Lite when I'm watching my weight, OE or Bull when I want a quick, cheap buzz, and Black Butte Porter when I want the best beer on the planet

  • 02-12-2012
    Bypassed this thread too many times and now feel guilty...

    dauwalt -> Dan
    Boise Bench
    Rocky Mountain Slayer, SE Stout
    Ridden with CrayfishMcCourderoy, Smileycook, Wyosam, Lunarprobe, Howley, Homemadesalsa, and others...
    PBR is a standard go to.
  • 02-16-2012
    Name : Nick


    Location : boise for school and up north in cda during the summer.

    Bikes I ride: my go to bike is my Yeti ASR-7. But I spend alot of time on my dj too. MSC-ill capo. Roadie/cross bike is my specialized crux pro. Around campus I am known as the unicycle kid because I get to class on my unicycle.

    Don't think I have ridden with any of you so far.

    Haven't found a brew that I actually like. Water coming from the Camelback always hits the spot though.

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  • 02-16-2012
    Hey, guess I'll add my name here.

    Kyle, 30, spent my whole life in various locations on the Idaho/Washington boarder.

    In the Moscow/Pullman area right now, likely to be down in the Boise area by this time next year.

    Ride a Chromag Stylus hardtail and I just picked up a Special-Ed Pitch.

    Ridden with formica, but that's all I believe.

    I enjoy Stouts and Porters, Red wine, and a lot of water.

    I like back country riding and tech. xc.
  • 02-18-2012

    Originally Posted by swan3609 View Post
    Around campus I am known as the unicycle kid because I get to class on my unicycle.

    I love doing that.
  • 03-20-2012
    Kona Sam - Marc G
    Marc Grubert - Riding mountain bikes since 1986...yep I'm old.

    Likes; All mountain riding and long walks on short piers.

    Bike: SC Blur LT...buttery good.
  • 03-22-2012
    Jonni Nitro
    John, 31
    Just moved to Great Falls, MT
    12yrs USAF
    Coworkers think I am weird because I would rather pedal a bike than twist a throttle

    I love it up here after being in LA area for 4yrs.
    Pretty new the single track scene, but looking forward to getting better.

    Current bike:
    Mongoose Teocali Comp
    All XT components
    Recon Race front
    Stock rear

    Probably buying first DH bike this weekend so I dont destroy my Goose.
  • 03-22-2012
    it has been six years!!!
  • 03-22-2012
    Almost 7!!!! (I can't add)
  • 04-03-2012
    New to the forum, figured I would add my name here.
    Krystyn, 20
    Currently in Boise for the summer but will be moving September/October
    Haven't owned a bike in 7 years and looking to get one this summer. I need something to keep me busy!
  • 05-11-2012
    Hey All,
    Long time MTBR lurker first time poster.

    Jeff, 27

    Location: Boise

    History: Started mountain biking with my father at the age of 10 in my native Colorado. Developed a love early, and had a mountain biking focused life since. After moving from Gunnison/ Crested Butte back to Denver, I could never shake my love of easily accessible riding. When my then girlfriend got a job offer in Boise, I followed. It's been 2 years, the girl is gone but I'm here for the long haul!

    Likes: Dissecting technical, trials inducing rock climbs, hardtails, 26 and 650b wheels, sexy welds, scar stories, the color red.

    Bike: Dean Colonel

    Beer: Summer: Odell St. Lupulin / Winter: Great Divide Belgian Yeti
  • 05-12-2012
    legal alien

    type of rider, cross country, endurance, competed in several 12/24 hr adv races so I keep my set up as light and inline with my budget .

    Current bike, Titus racer x , XT set up because it works year after year.

    riding for 12 years, started after a many years of Rugby.

    Type of beer. I will try most Ambers and Ales, current favorite Africa ale from sunray cafe in hyde park boise. Wow, it is hard to only drink one.

    My riding will start to change, looking to go full suspension 29er. Little giddy about the new Santa Cruz LT. I rode the 29er stumpy 130mm for a couple of days in N.C Pisgah Mts this spring.The downhills changed my mind. I have been riding a wild pony for to long .

    Moved to Boise from N.C last fall, wish I had done the move 10 years ago
  • 06-03-2012
    Am I still a noob even if I dont own a bike yet?
    Grace Idaho
    No Bike yet...:eekster:
    Looking for a 98/99 Carbon Trek Y, or a 99-01 Klein Mantra. Large Frame
    Then some trails around Soda or Lava.
  • 06-21-2012
    Hey y'all I moved Logan, Utah on the border of Idaho at the end of last summer. technically not part of this threads reach but close enough.

    Rode Inman Creek last weekend in the Pocatello area and loved it enough to return to see what else Poky has to offer this weekend.

    Soon enough I'll be exploring deeper into Idaho and Wyoming.

    I'm Justice, 28, male, PhD student/college instructor at Utah State.

    Love good beer (the hardest part of moving to Utah for me-there's ok beer but hard to get and pricey). Favorite depends on the season. IPAs in the colder months. Ambers, coppers, American Pales, and reds in the warmer. Ska Brewery is my favorite brewery, from my days of living in Durango. Tecate is my favorite bad beer.

    Trek Sawyer SS rigid 29er (trying out going soft in the next few weeks once the fork comes in). The go-to bike
    Spot Brand Highline "dirt drop" bars 29er rigid dinglespeed for bikepacking, commuting.
    DMR Trailstar Long Travel SS 26" for jumping, trail bike
    90's chromed out GT 24" BMX cruiser with neon accents for being awesome

    Except for the dinglespeed, I only ride singlespeed

    Here's a pic of my bike at Inman Creek last week
  • 06-27-2012
    New to the board, I live in Helena, MT. Usually i'm just using my bike to get as far up a hiking trail I can for fishing/hunting. My bike is POS 2010 DB Response Sport, which I'm currently trying to change the POS portion.

    I raced a few times living in Iowa and did well, but MTB out here is a whole different animal, and I like my bones intact at the moment...

    Favorite beer: Old Milwaukee and Ranier ( best substitute I could find for Old Milwaukee out here)
  • 06-27-2012

    Originally Posted by MToffroad View Post
    New to the board, I live in Helena, MT. Usually i'm just using my bike to get as far up a hiking trail I can for fishing/hunting. My bike is POS 2010 DB Response Sport, which I'm currently trying to change the POS portion.

    I raced a few times living in Iowa and did well, but MTB out here is a whole different animal, and I like my bones intact at the moment...

    Favorite beer: Old Milwaukee and Ranier ( best substitute I could find for Old Milwaukee out here)

    MToffroad, welcome to town. How do you like the Corral (Scratchgravel) Fire to welcome you to fire season in the West? Scratchgravels are a great riding area that drains very quickly after any rain and usually stays dry for a long time into fall and melts out early in the spring.
    South Hills are a great convenience for this town, right from you door (if you live in town) you have access to something like 100 miles of trails.
    If you rethink the racing thing, check out Bohart Bash this weekend in Bozeman. Next race to come through Helena is WERKS on September 9. Also check out the York 38 Special on August 25.
    Is Old Mud really not available locally any more?
  • 07-27-2012
    Hi, just want to introduce myself.

    After quitting my job, just tuned up my mountainbike, after a few years of inactivity

    Lookin forward to a good rest of summer. Then ski season.

    Near Boise
  • 12-09-2012
    Just moved to Laramie from Phoenix. Have a lot of bikes 575, moonlander, yelli screamy, cx bike, klunker. I was doing the weekend xc race and 24 hr races down in the desert hope to keep it going up here in wyoming. Brand new to the area i know no one and no trails but planning to ride them all. As soon as possible.

    I drink a lot of pbr and pretty much any ipa.
  • 01-08-2013

    Meridian (yah I commute about 5 days a week to the foothills to ride--spring summer fall)


    2012 Salsa Horsethief (29ERD ID mtb license plate to go with it)

    Algagash White (have only found in Portland, ME) unbeeeelievable

    Go Boise

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  • 01-19-2013

    Soda Springs ID
    Specialized Stumpjumper comp 26
    Exploring around Soda but also enjoy riding in poky.
  • 01-31-2013
    Draggin A$$
    I'm Mark, I just moved back to the States after living oversea for the last 13.5 years. I'm living in Mountain Home and really liking the area. I just wish I was closer to Boise. I want to get out and ride as soon as it warms up. I don't have anything special just a DB Response. It gets the job done.
  • 01-31-2013
    Board roll call

    Originally Posted by evasive View Post
    I'm 32 this fall; riding XC on a M2 Stumpjumper. I live in on the southern end of Helena, so I don't have to go very far to hit singletrack. The only person on the board I've ridden with to date is sfotex. Don't have any pictures of myself on this computer.

    Helena's a decent place for beer, with Blackfoot's taproom. My wife is English, and I've picked up the taste for traditional English-style bitters.

    Holy cow, but this was buried on this thread. Sh!t done changed in 8 years. With the forum's software update, it bumped a bunch of old threads, and I just read a post of mine in which I mentioned that the woman at the LBS told me that mine was one of 6 29ers she knew of in this town. That, and I'm no longer marriaged, I've met loads of forum members while traveling around, and I'm not scared of pointing my bike downhill anymore. Woo hoo!

    Anyway, I'm Eric, currently riding either a Banshee Prime or a Canfield Yelli Screamy, and I still live on the south end of Helena, right up against a couple trailheads. Avid participant in the Gravity Guild group rides out of the Garage. Blackfoot is still a quality brewery, but now Lewis & Clark really gives it a run for its money.

    I've ridden a lot of places since then, and I've come to realize that Helena has it pretty good for a mtb community. If you're in the area, try to catch a Tuesday or Thursday ride out of the Garage, meet some folks, and see our trails.
  • 03-01-2013
    cda 455

    Location - Boise, West side

    Age - Just turned 48

    Bike - '94 Cannondale SuperV1000, '96 Cannondale F500 rigid fork 69'er

    Grew up in S.Cal. Was MTB'ing before they called it that back in the mid '70's in the canyons and hills around San Diego. Hal's Bike Shop was where we hung out and dreamed and built our 'Tankers' (What we called our MTB's back then).

    Bought my 1994 Cannondale Super V1000 brand new at BIKE USA (Hal retired and rented the building to said shop). Made the jump to FS; Talk about plush :cool: ! I really wanted the Super V2000 with the CF swing arm but I was too poor. When I moved up here to Boise and started riding trails in '00 I started hearing how riders with the CF swing arms were having trouble because the brake boss' were breaking off :eekster: . Yea, for being poor!

    I endo'ed in '01 herniating a disk between C5 and C6 and had part of my neck fused. Didn't touch a bike again until '10. Put about 3,000 miles in the saddle before my old neck injury come back to haunt me. Had surgery to fuse most of the neck (C3 to C7) Sept. '11. Back on the bike Jan. '12 to present. I've put in about 1,300 miles in the last 12 months.

    Most of my riding these days are commuting about 12 miles of road with about 2 miles of trail in between points. For those who know Boise: Start off by HP, to Hill Rd., pick up a trail at Camelback Park, find my way to Military Reserve Park, back on the road into downtown.