I officially destroyed my X.9 and chain on Wednesday on Rock Islands, and I just can't afford buying an $80 derailluer right now. If anyone would happen to have one and would be willing to sell me it, that would be awesome. I've also got A TON of spare parts and stuff that I would be willing to give up for either one. They most definitely do not have to be new, or even excellent condition. As long as they function, I'd be happy. As for the stuff I've got, it's pretty extensive...
I've got a Fox Vanilla R shock, in pretty sweet condition. 7.5x2.25 I believe
Tioga Team Extreme XC 2.1 tire
Maxxis High Roller 2.1
Race Face 28T DH Chainring
Crappy Mozo fork
Some bars, 25.4 clamp size. They're almost new, and a decent set of bars.
A stem thats probably about 100mm long.
Basically an entire commuter bike, sans frame and wheels...
6 inch shitmano rotor
8 inch hayes rotor
And I've got a few bucks too, if you don't want any of my cr... er I mean stuff
Actually, most of it is really pretty nice cosmetically, and excellent functionally

I'd be willing to give up that entire list for a derailluer, so let me know...

Anyways, since I'm not on the computer all that much, I would prefer if you could just call me with an offer...
My phone number is 830-5351.

Thanks for reading this crap...