• 06-30-2013
    Dear Hans,

    In that interview Scott mentioned 5 new models this. Does the HDR / HDR 650b count as 2 or 1 of those?

    So far we have:
    1. Ripley
    2. HDR 650b
    3. HDR (if not counted as one)
    4. ?
    5. ?

    Take it the Tranny29 will be one of those...
  • 06-30-2013
    SB Trails
    140mm ripley... 140mm rear-- 140-150mm front..
  • 06-30-2013
    Ripley HD, HDR 160 275, Tranny 29 for the next three please.
  • 06-30-2013
    id like a fast race bike something to challenge the Epic or Czar
    The "Ripley Speed 29er " or "Rip N Speed" with only 100ml front and rear plus longer top tube lower front end.
    just look at all the epics at races , huge market out there.
  • 06-30-2013

    Originally Posted by SB Trails View Post
    140mm ripley... 140mm rear-- 140-150mm front..

    Hell yesssssssssss! And with Stealth routing for the love of the country!
  • 07-01-2013
    What SB said

    140mm ripley... 140mm rear-- 140-150mm front..

    I have suggested this as an absolute quiver killer and got a neg rep for it...I have a burly built Ripley, fantastic bike but us big boys could use a bit more...

    I am lusting for the Ripley HD 140...if it happens

    An HD 160mm with chip option to 180mm also make sense for super enduro/mini DH.

    These with the tranny 29 would complete the Ibis line short of World Cup DH bikes. Seems like a relitively small market
  • 07-02-2013
    A 650b Mojo SLR makes great sense, it would be a fantastic bike.. the bigger hoops might mean eccentrics, so perhaps it would be a Ripley 650/140mm? (I have an SL 26er now).
    29er Tranny would be loved by many. Having a kinked seat post would keep it sensibly short?

    Mojo HDH True DH bike. This bike could have some " Ibis" adjustability to shift between super low/slack World Cup specs to something a little less extreme.
    The IH sundays were so nice to ride, an updated Ibis DW linked DH bike by IBIS would be sensational.

    cheers :)
  • 07-03-2013
    With all the years spent on the Ripley and the eccentric system, would be strange that Ibis leave her alone on a template. I think the next Ibis, are a new front 29er and Ripley full evolution..
  • 07-03-2013
    Will the bb mount mrp chainguide still fit in the new hdr?
  • 07-05-2013
    Re: What should the next 5 models be?

    Originally Posted by ibismojo09 View Post
    Will the bb mount mrp chainguide still fit in the new hdr?

    If you use the old HD shaft and a 1.5mm spacer it would work.

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