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    Thinking of buying a used Ibis........


    I'd like to buy a used Ibis to save a bit of dough. I been looking on Craigslist and noticed that people are trying to get rid of their 26" Mojo's, but there aren't many Ripley's for sale.

    I'd prefer buying a Ripley, but if I find a good deal on a Mojo with some nice specs, is it worth buying a Mojo (26er) instead of the Ripley (29er)?

    I have only ridden 26ers and am new to 29ers. I've demo'ed a Ripley and loved it.

    Also, when I checkout these bikes for sale what do I really need to check to make sure the Frame is in good shape? I'm not familiar with Carbon Frames.


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    Thinking of buying a used Ibis........

    My Ripley will be going for sale if you're interested. It's a high end build. PM me I you're interested.

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