Thanksgiving at Ibis

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  • 11-24-2012
    Thanksgiving at Ibis
    Check it out. Fun stuff!

    November 21st, 2012 | News | Info | Ibis Cycles US

    We hope everyone is having a great weekend wherever you are....

  • 11-24-2012
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    Thanks Hans,

    I've had a great Thanksgiving and weekend. Rode my Mojo SL 650b three out of four days and will ride again tomorrow after a trail workday. Loved your Thanksgiving report and found the pictures very interesting. Happy Thanksgiving to all at Ibis. Keep up the great work!

  • 11-25-2012

    Thanks for sharing. I like the shots of BL on the Ripley. Guess that explains his recent tweet!
  • 11-25-2012
    Very nice! Thanks for sharing. More success to IBIS!
  • 11-25-2012
    That looked like a great ride and way to finish!

    Couldn't help but pick on Todd still sending off a shipment to Italy any chance he sent one off to NZed as well haha please Ibis Santy we been good down under:D:
  • 11-26-2012
    Happy holidays from the other side of the pond! The woodland pictures are nothing short of perfect.