I currently own an Ibis Ripley with 120mm fork and a Ventana El Padrino HT 29er. The Ripley is by far the best bike I have ever owned or ridden by a mile. However I am itching to buy a new bike. Not that I need one but just have the itch. I live in Michigan and ride singletrack and gravel trails. Mostly singletrack. The 2 bikes I am looking at are the Ibis Tranny 29er HT or the Pivot Mach 4 Carbon. I know 2 completely different bikes. However I just think it would be fun to have a smaller wheeled FS bike. That is why I am looking at the Pivot. I have also considered the Ibis Mojo HDR 650b but don't need 130mm of travel and the weight difference between the Pivot Mach 4 Carbon and HDR is probably close to 4 lbs.

Also I already have a HT 29er with the Ventana but it is Aluminum and I have really found out how much I love Carbon with the Ripley. When I got my Ripley I built a new wheelset with King hubs and Crest rims. I took the old set(Speed Tuned hubs and Arch Rims) and put on a set of Surly Knard Cyclocross wheels and added a cassette and rotors. So if I got the Tranny I could throw the extra set of wheels on it when I wanted to cruise around on gravel and I wouldn't have to change the brake settings or derailuer if I got it in XT because the Tranny and Ripley use the same Speed Tuned hubs.

I have no intention of selling my Ripley I love it way too much. However I have been trying to sell my El Padrino because if it sold I'd get the Tranny and the Pivot. But let's just figure the Padrino won't sell. If you were me would you go with the Tranny HT Carbon bike or the Pivot Mach 4 Carbon to have some fun on smaller wheels?