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    Stupid question about the most boring component

    Is the seat clamp on the Ripley unique? It's not a uniform width around the circumference of the clamp. It's actually wider at the rear of the clamp so that it sits nicely in the curved seat tube. I'm wanting to replace it with a quick release. I assume the one in the Ibis store would work, but are there others? Are all Ibises made this way?

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    It's unique relative to other brands, but not unique relative to other ibis bikes, so you can use Ibis's QR clamp and maintain the sweet appearance.
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    One caveat: it's best not to run a QR clamp if you have a dropper. It's really easy to over-tighten a QR, and that can put a small constriction in your dropper which can cause it to fail over time. If you have a dropper run a standard clamp, use carbon paste, and check your torque.

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