• 12-07-2012
    Straitline Silentguide or e13 SRS+ on HD?
    I'm looking to add a chainguide/bashring combo to my HD and am looking at either a Straitline Silentguide or the SRS+ by e13. I know that MRP makes a guide specifically for the HD but I've broken two MRP G2 guides before and am not willing to waste any money on another. I've got an ISCG05 BB adapter plate - my question is whether anyone is running these guides and if so are there any fit issues with the HD frame?

    I'm leaning towards the silent guide because the reviews are great, it's light and supposedly silent...I just don't know whether it would fit the HD and clear the driveside chainstay. I managed to get a buddy's SRS+ on my bike with no issues.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated...thanks!