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    Spotted: Ibis Maximus in the redwoods!

    Did a fort bragg tour with jesse and nick ( and after hitting some trails, stumbled across the ibis maximus somewhere along the coast (crappy cellphone pic):

    non ibis content:

    berm through a redwood?!

    guide jesse

    guide nick on his new SLR

    getting around a mudslide:

    wide bars caused a few problems this trip, including the fact that redwood trees like to grow close together. Tree: 1, Shoulder: 0, Hand: 0. Fun: 100. Time to go wider?!

    Genius idea after a few beers:

    Wish we took more pics, but its pretty hard to stop and get out the camera when you're blasting through awesome trails. Get up to fort bragg, trails are crazy fun.

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    Love that Maximus such a cool creation, berm in the Redwood is sweet too, our Redwoods are a bit young compared to those puppies only a 100 years or so, so babies compared to that one, none of age to be able to ride through like that one, love the GP on the remote dirt bug

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