I have been getting a lot of requests for 120mm SID forks with the 51mm offset. The stock fork that people are currently running on their Ripley is the "RockShox SID RCT3 Solo Air 120 29 MaxleLite15 Diff Black Tapered 51 Offset" which is currently sold out until December 16th.

Since this fork is out of stock I was able to work something out with Rock Shox where we will be getting the parts required to convert the "RockShox SID XX Solo Air 100 29 MaxleLite15 Black MotionControl DNA XLoc Remote Right Tapered 51 Offset" to a 120mm travel fork.

The MSRP of the fork is $870 and the 120mm air spring is $60 and you will also get to keep the 100mm air spring. Please email me at mark@probikesupply.com if you would like to order this fork. Turn around time will be 5-7 business days and shipping within the continental US is included.

The first batch of forks will be going out tomorrow so please let us know ASAP or else there may be an additional 3-5 business day delay while we wait for the next shipment from Rock Shox.