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Thread: SLR and Pike

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    SLR and Pike

    Just wondering if anyone has set an SLR up with the 160mm Pike - to be exact the 130-160mm version. Without going overboard in details, our local trails include aggressive XC and enough downhill specific trails to justify having a bike to handle them.

    After riding my old Mojo C since 2007, I have a 1 bike policy. I don't need to be able to ride a 160mm fork to be happy with the SLR frame I already own, because the Mojo C still keeps me happy here and everywhere I take it. The only places it is uncomfortable are steep and usually involve G-out compression to the fork, so the 140mm becomes more like 60mm and you fight the handlebars - eg entering steep berms and the like.

    150 will become my main fork length I think. 130 to get the bike into the boot of the car to go home. 160 for occasional fanging!

    So, without getting into anglesets and gadgets, I am keen to hear from anyone who has tried it and can explain the handling characteristics with the longer front end. Many thanks.

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    I have a 150mm Revelation with U-Turn and play around with the fork height a lot. I generally don't think the fork height makes a big difference as long as you have it set up so it doesn't dive on you as you brake hard. I had mine Pushed and it made a huge difference.

    What's more important for me is the length of the stem (shorter the better) and bar width (longer the better) as far as downhill performance.

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