After months of hearing "you have to see it in person" regarding the look of the Ripley, I finally had a chance to see one today and I totally understand what folks were getting at.

As technically impressive as the Ripley frame is, in pictures the frame just didn't evoke the same feeling I had when I first saw the Mojo years ago. The sexiness just wasn't there for me.

Well after seeing the bike in-person, I can say with absolute certainty....RIPLEY is damn sexy! LOL

I think the reason why this fails to be conveyed in pics is found with the top tube and down tube. In pics, these tubes look almost like standard top and down tubes from an aluminum bike. It's not until you see the bike in person that you see how artfully shaped/sculpted. The rear is always impressive, and even more so in person.

Now I just need to see the black/green finish (the bike I saw was blue). If that combo looks good, my Nuclear Pesto MOJO SL might be replaced in the offseason.

Great work Ibis!