Rode a fixed wheel bike for the first time.

What a completely pointless bike design. I still quite fathom "why?"
It must be fashion over function, because they don't corner well, hurt your knees, pick up pinch flats because its harder to clear obstacles and you obviously can't manual either.

It was a bike used for a film that I am working on. We had it to record sound effects (I'm a sound mixer) so I was quite exited to give it a go as I always am when playing with a new bike. The bike shop is going to get rid of the stupid narrow bars and replace them with a narrow riser and swap it to single speed and that makes more sense.

Saw a guy out on a fixed mountainbike and I asked him if he was enjoying his ride, well lets just say I could see through the lie pretty easily. Saw him again this weekend and he was on a Blur. Hmmmm