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    No more XTR and SLX build kits ?

    Does anybody knows why no more xtr and slx build kits on Ibis website ?

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    The Special Blend builds pretty much take up the SLX build kit, but it is a bit surprising that XTR is gone. OTOH, I would probably never opt for an XTR build anyway, given that XT builds are just a little more robust w/o adding much extra weight. I would take an XT build with carbon rims over the full XTR build for price/performance bang for the buck.

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    The special blend looks mostly like SLX. Makes no sense to carry that and an SLX build.

    If you look at the cost of an HDR and Ripleys priced out with XT at $5,599. XX1 brings it to $6,999, and no matter how you cut it, that's a lot for a bike. Can you imagine what XTR would do to that price? Not a lot of buyers at the XTR price point.

    The special blend is looking very reasonable at $3,950. My husband is looking at getting an HDR or Ripley (he's going to test ride and see which one he wants). I'll definitely suggest to him to buy a special blend and move over the parts he likes from his Ventana Ciclon (which is mostly XT) to make things more cost effective for him.

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