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    Mojo SL XT Build Weight

    Could anybody on a Large Mojo SL build up with the XT kit tell me what their bike weighed stock? I'd like to make the jump to one sometime soon, and hope that it's in the 25lb range ready to ride. Is this estimate on point? I contacted Ibis CS, but they don't have the build weight for the current spec.


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    comp cyclist is never close on bike weights.

    I would expect the stock xt build to be more than 27-28lbs. Especially on stock wheels.

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    Agree with redmr2, 27-28 lbs. Mine is special blend, medium, just under 28 lbs stock. With xt, im guessing would be 27lbs. Now mine is 26.3lbs with ztr arch wheelset, and dropper post, 1x10 set up, carbon bar, carbon rail saddle, with stock brakeset (elixir 1).

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    Wrench Science doesn't show the SL, but they list the weight of the SL-R with XT as 24lbs.

    Add ~0.5lb and you should be close.

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    I had my SL down to 27.0lbs with XT 2x10, 1900g wheels, 600g tires, heavy aluminum bars, light-ish aluminum seatpost, and a steel-railed saddle. If you went with something like Arches and lightened up the rest, I'm sure you'd be in the 25.something range.

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