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    Mojo Sizing (Again)

    I'm 5'10" and a bit, and currently ride a med 5-Spot with a 70mm stem. From Tom's post, this would suggest a Large Mojo. Anyone any thoughts?



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    I'm 5'10" & ride a Mojo Large with a 100mm stem. I thought of going to with a med, cause I rode a med Spec Epic. But my LBS & Tom were on the money. The size fits me great but everyone is diff. Some have longer legs,torso, etc. You can play with the stem & post (setback)

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    ... and if we just ... I'd Think About That One

    Maybe I'm reading this wrong heihei but you are comfortable on a bike with a 23" toptube and a you are only running a 70 mm stem on that bike? The Turner tt is only about 1/2 centimeter longer than the moj in medium.
    Do you feel really cramped up on your current bike ? How much seat post is exposed. I'd think about that one, before I went to a large, cause to get to the same tt length on a moj and even longer would easily place you on a medium. (That is if you are comfy on current setup)
    Turner 5 spot med. with eff toptube 23 + stem 2.7 (584.2mm + 70mm) = 654.2
    Mojo Med. with eff toptube 22.83 (580mm + an just a 80mm stem) gives you over that of your current tt at 660.
    Don't quote me but don't "they" recomend @ 90, 100, 110 mm stem for the moj (see below test for various stems)
    Stem length on the Mojo
    Only speaking for myself if I was your height. (I'm 5'9" @ 150 lbs) I have long torso and relatively shorter legs. I like to be really stretched out but like to be placed waaaay behind the pedals on the seat. Further like the old classical road euro standard, (much to dismay of fit kitters.) I also like shorter wheel base and responsive climbers (Since all 4 sizes of mojo have same chain stay length) I would get a medium with a setback/33mm seatpost and @ a 90~100 stem. (first I'd use an adjustable stem to dial it in)
    The other thing is "effective top tube" is a bunch of baloney because you have to fudge with the seat angle at your particular seat height. I always like to know the top tube length at the top of the seat tube. Then I know how much seatpost will be exposed and can knot, knot = double knot the "effective" at my seat height given the seat angle. I know this qualifys as too much info but hopefully not much time spent cyfering relative to saddle time you will spend. Good luck and have fun with it.
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    I'm 5'8 and I went with the medium Mojo with a 110mm stem. I have a short inseam (28") and a longer torso though. I came off a med Epic as well and found the medium size were the closest match to the Epic.

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    I went to my local dealer (7 hour drive away) to have a look at a mojo that they had in stock. While I was there they went through all the motions of sizing me for when I order a bike. I'm also 5'10" and I weigh 150 lbs and have an inseam measurement of 33" standing in my sock feet. I was right on the cusp of a medium or large. After lots of discussion we decided that a large was for me. We then then put the bike on a sizing machine. After adjusting the seat position relative to knee over the ball of my foot in the 3 oclock position we tried different stems until we ended up with a 110 mm stem. This setup was the most comfortable for me. Unfortunately there was too much snow on the ground to take the bike for a ride (so close) so I can't give you a riding impression with that setup.

    Hope this helps


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